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The Top Reason Why You May Need Braces

There are different types of misaligned bites that many don’t even know they have. When talking about occlusion, we refer to the alignment of the teeth in a manner that the upper and lower teeth bite together. Orthodontic treatment is available to handle this issue. When you go for a consultation, your teeth will be checked first for the professional to deduce the classification of the issue. This article outlines some of the top reasons why one may need braces.

If you have spacing or gaps in the teeth, make sure you go for braces. Having small and narrow teeth or a brad arch can result in spaces forming between them. Gaps also occur if some of your teeth are missing. Cleaning the facet of broken teeth can be stressful and in particular, the places where food get stuck.

Another reason that will require you to go for braces is if there is crowding and this causes crooked teeth. It is hard to keep crooked teeth clean especially if you use floss. Twisted teeth can bring about gum problems too as your teeth may be crowded or misaligned. Visiting a reliable orthodontist within your reach will get you arch expansion that will be of great importance.

You will also require braces if you have an open bite. You will have an open gap if you bite your back teeth at once, and you see an open gap between your lower and upper teeth. With this kind of malocclusion, you will find it hard to bite things. Some of the common reasons why one may suffer from an open bite are pacifier sucking, prolonged thumb, and tongue thrusting.

Another reason that will make you go for braces is an overbite. We can term the right occlusion as when the front teeth are ahead of the lower ones and slightly overlaps them. This may look like an overbite but will become worse when the overlap is more than slight. A deep bite is a situation where one’s front teeth overtake the lower ones by a significant chunk.

Make sure you acquire braces if you have an overjet. We can refer to buck teeth as the positioning and angulation of the front teeth as the slant and protrude outwards. An overjet makes it hard d for one to bite, chew and communicate well. Using braces will help you eliminate dental inures that may result because of buck teeth.

If you are experiencing occlusion, make sure you visit a credible orthodontist near you.

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